Today I turn 49. I feel stronger than ever. My size 30 waist pants are officially too big. A day or two ago I was able to see legit muscle growth, which delighted me. 

Blew past goal weight (145) again. I’d been bouncing between 147-149 for a few weeks, but kept working and the last few days I was rewarded with a few big drops. Next is 140. I didn’t have plans for below that, but the possibility is there, if my medical team agrees. While I feel great, I still don’t feel “skinny.” That’s not a word I associate with myself. I do feel healthy, which is enough.

I couldn’t do this without an amazing support team. The doctors, nutritionists, and exercise specialists are nice, but they aren’t there with me every day. I get support several places, but I’d like to call out the two biggest:

My family. Katie – My wife, my BAE, my ride or die. I have thrown so many curveballs this year on things I wanted to do or buy and she never blinked. She just supported. If I was in a hard place, her and our boy Logan were my rocks, often unknowing, because most of the time I don’t talk about shit that is bothering me, I just keep working until it’s solved or I feel the need to spew my thoughts into the world. She is on a journey of her own and is absolutely killing it. Love you, K-Bomb. Love you too, Logan. Those little post-its you leave me make my heart want to explode.

The group I can’t talk about because we don’t talk about it. They are my tribe and I am honored to be part of theirs. They allow some pretty severe self-indulgences on my part and never complain. By the way, if you have meds, fucking take them, drink your damn water, and do the fucking work. Love you guys.

These photos below are exactly one year apart. People will congratulate me for this. That’s great and is appreciated, but I want to be very clear that I am not special. I have no magic pill, no magic spell, no magic anything. What I have is the ability to be disciplined with a specific set of goals.

Discipline is all it takes to change your life. That’s the simple truth of it.

It is that simple and that hard.

On to 50!