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B.A.C.A. Kids Day – August 13, 2017

Free Family Event! – Concessions – Activities – Inflatables for the kids B.A.C.A. Kids day flyer_2017

The Wonkavator In My Basement

After the 100 Mile Ride this past Saturday, the wife and I camped out at the Dallas County Fairgrounds with some BACA family. It’s a nice place and I’m told the bathrooms are clean. I wouldn’t know, because like most guys at a campground, I eschew modern plumbing as much as possible and wander away…

Coffee Tried To Kill Me But A Hug Brought Me Back

Apparently if you do a hiccup/burp thing while swallowing the last of your coffee, it will fuck you up and make you unable to breathe. Things will narrow and your brain will be a dick in that moment where you start to see spots and remind you that you have a wife you love and…

Where I’m Going and Where I’m From Isn’t Your Business

NOTE: Originally written in September 2015, but never published. I was having dinner with my brother Sarge last night and this conversation came up. I gave it another look this morning and it reads better than I remember, if a slight bit petulant. But the fact remains that I, and all my brothers and sisters,…

B.A.C.A. Flippy Cup Tournament – March 11, 2017