Month: May 2017

The Wonkavator In My Basement

After the 100 Mile Ride this past Saturday, the wife and I camped out at the Dallas County Fairgrounds with some BACA family. It’s a nice place and I’m told the bathrooms are clean. I wouldn’t know, because like most guys at a campground, I eschew modern plumbing as much as possible and wander away…

Six Really Loves Chicken Noodle

We gave Six some Chicken Noodle baby food yesterday. He loved it. Not quite as much as the Vanilla/Banana pudding we gave him last week, but quite a bit:

Coffee Tried To Kill Me But A Hug Brought Me Back

Apparently if you do a hiccup/burp thing while swallowing the last of your coffee, it will fuck you up and make you unable to breathe. Things will narrow and your brain will be a dick in that moment where you start to see spots and remind you that you have a wife you love and…