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Headaches, Narrators, and Circuit Boards

I had a headache yesterday, the kind that hangs out in the back of your head and hurts just enough to be annoying until you turn you head at just the right angle and then it starts singing you the ancient Song of Pain that has been passed down from generation to generation, headache to…

The Wonkavator In My Basement

After the 100 Mile Ride this past Saturday, the wife and I camped out at the Dallas County Fairgrounds with some BACA family. It’s a nice place and I’m told the bathrooms are clean. I wouldn’t know, because like most guys at a campground, I eschew modern plumbing as much as possible and wander away…

Being an Ocean

I have a friend going through a rough patch. As often happens during times like these, they want to make some changes… But people won’t let them. “We’ve heard this before” they say. “We’ve had these conversations before.” I get that. But when the person takes actual steps, makes moves in the right direction, is…

Wherein I Solve A Problem Yet Again

Are hot dogs sandwiches? No.

The Perils of Little Sleep or Why I have No Cookies

I’ve gotten to bed late these last few days and, despite being balls-tired, I’ve had some issues actually getting to sleep once I get there. It finally caught up to me this morning. Katie had baked some cookies last night and had left a baggie full of them out for me to take to work….