Logan is obsessed with the Pete the Cat song Already Won. I made the mistake of playing it on YouTube in the car the other day and when we got to the end, he wanted to hear it again. And Again. And again. And then it was “all the way home.” But we were headed to the pharmacy drive-thru and it was gonna be a while. This song is less than 2 minutes long. So I bought it on my phone and set it to repeat and then pretended like I was doing a magic spell each time it started over.

To be clear: This song drives me nuts. It’s catchy enough for a kids tune, but I’ve heard it rough 73 million times.

And just now, on a break from work, I just listened to it like 8 times in a row so I could learn the words. And tonight when I go pick him up, we’re both going to sing along because this is his last week of summer daycare and next week this opportunity won’t be there anymore. And I can already tell I will miss it.