Last week, Logan was looking up at the side of the refrigerator and noticed an orange and black object. He pointed at it and said “Daddy-O,” which means he wanted to see it. (He has recently started calling us Daddy-O and Mommy-O.)

I took it down and gave it to him. It was an emergency LED light. It fits in the palm of your hand and has about 20 LEDS on the front that light up. It also has a small double row of 6 or 8 LEDs up top that function as a mini-flashlight. It has a button that allows you to cycle through having it on/off or using just the front lights or just the mini-flashlight.

Logan loved this thing. He had a blast, laughing and giggling while turning it on and seeing it shine on the wall. We took it into his bedroom with the light off and he thought lighting up the room with it was the coolest thing. But we had the Trunk or Treat that night so the light had to stay home while we went and did the candy thing.

We came back a bit past Logan’s normal bedtime so he was pretty tired. He played with the LED light a bit more, but left it on one of the love seat’s cushions when I told him it was time for bed. Normally at bed time we have a low light in his closet and a blue Batarang night light. I turned them on, got him tucked in, and left him to sleep. We keep a baby gate at his doorway at night so he can wander around his room if he wants, but if he needs us, he just has to say our name.

About 5 minutes later the wife and I are in the living room and I see movement out of the corner of my eye, but hear no noise at all. I assume it is one of the cats. The movement turns into a shape and I look over and there stands our boy. Apparently, for the first time ever, I forgot to close the gate.

Logan sneaking up the hallway like a ninja is very odd. Usually you can hear him coming from 2 rooms over. And in the time it takes for me to see him and start to open my mouth to speak to him, perhaps 0.8 seconds, Logan jumped into action like he had been hit by lightning. He ran the last few steps around the corner of the love seat, grabbed the LED light he had left on the couch, did a 180, and then zoomed back down the hallway to his room as fast as his little 2 year old feet could carry him.

We laughed and I got up to go to his room. He was already back in bed, just playing with the LED light. I shut off the light in the closet so it would be easier to see the LED light on the ceiling, but I did put a night light on the side of the baby gate he can’t reach. He rolled over to his side and wanted his blanket spread over him. I spread it over him, told him Mommy and Daddy loved him, and wished him good night. He was still shining the light around when I left, but when Katie checked on him later on, he still had the light with him, but he shut it off before falling asleep.

Thanks to Gwydo, who sent me this pic before he even knew this blog post existed.