– 365 days ago we heard our baby’s heartbeat for the first time ever.
– 365 days ago we were told we were 3 months pregnant.
– 364 days ago we saw our first ultrasound of our boy.
– 364 days ago we were told we were actually 6 months pregnant.
– 261 days ago Logan was born.
– 261 days ago I held our boy for the first time. I heard him cry for the first time. I showed him to his mother.
– 260 days ago I got pooped on for the first time while changing a diaper.
– 259 days ago we took our baby home for the first time. When I changed him for the first time at home he decided to poop again after I got him all cleaned up from the previous one. Pebbles was beside me. I remember saying “My life is different this week.”

So many firsts I don’t have exact markers for:

– The first day I made Logan smile.
– The first day he peed on me during a diaper change.
– The first time he fell asleep in my arms while I sat in my favorite chair.
– The first time he looked into my eyes and we stared at each other for a while. I tell you, I thought I’d die of happiness.
– The first time he tried baby food.
– The first time Katie fed him Vanilla Banana pudding and he lost his shit. He loved that stuff.
– The first time I fed him Chicken & Noodle baby food and he also lost his shit for that too.
– The first day I heard him laugh and giggle.
– The first time he managed to pick up the little flavored puffs and get it into his mouth.
– The first time I left my Xbox controller laying around and he got a hold of it. He loved the sticks and buttons.
– The first time he used his arms to lift himself off the floor.
– The first time he lifted his entire body off the floor with his arms and legs.
– The first time he tried to crawl.
– The first time he was this close to crawling.
– The first time he did crawl.
– Far too many more to list.
– Three weeks ago, Logan could only crawl a few feet before taking a header into the carpet.
– Two weeks ago Logan started crawling all the way across the floor with astonishing speed. No headers, just go, go go.
– 4 days ago Katie and Logan were at the Inlaws where Logan started climbing steps like he he’d been doing it all his life.
– 3 days ago Logan also started pulling himself into a standing position.
– 2 days ago I had to lower the mattress in Logan’s crib two full spots, which is about six inches. Anything less and we’d be at risk of him climbing over.
– 1 day ago I moved my Xbox One, PS4, and a laptop up a shelf because he can reach them now when he stands up.
– 1 day ago while Logan was standing with his hands on the chair seat for support, he realized he can move his hands left and right. He hasn’t got his feet to cooperate yet so he plops down, but it won’t be long now and he’ll be cruising around. Walking can’t be that far off.

And here we are. A year since we heard his heartbeat for the first time and a few weeks shy of 9 months since he was born. Life is busy, but good. I like to spend time laying on the living room floor with Logan and his toys. We have a good time. Especially since we moved all the furniture around in the room to give Logan a larger play space. As an added benefit, we can just use the ottoman to block off the one entrance and he can roam the living room at will.

365 days since our lives changed forever. There are days where I still think “This is our boy. Our son. How did this even happen?” But I try not to focus on it too much as it tends to be wasted effort. I’d much rather spend that time playing with my boy.